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...this is the argument made by every guy who stays with a girl who's bat-shit crazy... when what he should really do is dump the bitch.



A lesson I learned far too late in life...but one which I apply quite ruthlessly these days...oh daddy visited your room when you were a kid...I really am sorry really (no shit or punning intended or allowed...sexual abuse is a horrible thing). But just because I am sorry does not mean I am going to stick around. I have dated far too many nutso chicks and a good percentage were sexually abused. In the past I would stick around and try to help them through it...but you should never ever ....NEVER...play therapist (even if you are one) in your own relationships. Its too bad you were fucked up...but its not my mission to unfuck you....lets be friends and I know a few people that specialize in your particular trauma.


Human intuition, the subconscious, your Guardian Angel, messages from your dead loved ones or lightning bolts to the brain from GOD Himself should never be ignored in any kind of relationship. Because your misgivings are there for a reason. Plax had a rep for being a dumb head case back in Pittsburgh...a team that has a family business atmosphere like the Giants. Pittsburgh was happy to unload him and even whispered that Plax has a short shelf life. We thought after the SB and banishment to the bench in public would rein him in. We were wrong. Even added celebrity, money, respect for playing seriously hurt and the accolades of his teammates, coaches and owners could not deter or prevent him from self immolation.


I definitely believe in Free Will in all of its glories...and this guy on his own volition decided to blow up his career despite helping hands being offered to him; and both paternal (coaches, owners, older retired players) and fraternal (team mates) intervention could not convince him where his best interests lay. Thanks for the SB catch man and everything else. God Speed on your journey. NEXT!!!

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