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Cowherd on A-Rod


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Was listening to Colin Cowherd today and he says that the reason A-Rod is hitting so badly is because he's no longer on the juice. He also said that YES had an overhead shot of him during one AB, and A-Rod look drastically thinner up top, in the chest, etc.


He contends A-Rod won't really start hitting again until he starts cycling (not on a bike, smart-asses) again.

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OK Cowherd. Throw some gas on the fire like you media cunt bags love to do. Is he banging Selena "droop face"?





I'm sure he's right though. It has nothing to do with the injury, getting your swing back, ect. Its the roids. Fuck I hate the media.

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Hopefully the insinuation wasn't that I was one of his lemmings. First, this is the first time I listened to his show. I was aware of who he was, and that he had a show, but today was the first time I listened to it. Second, it was all I could do to get through his show. His voice is annoying.


Lastly, I just thought I'd post it here because I don't really watch Yankee baseball, and I was wondering what the Yankee fans thought. Cowherd did identify himself as a Yankee fan, though.... he said that's always been his team.


As for what I think... I think saying that a player's struggles are related to steroids is something that he cannot possibly begin to know. He had some ridiculous reasoning behind it. But the most interesting thing he said is that A-Rod looked noticeably slimmer up top. Was wondering if any of you thought he looks less filled out nowadays.


But I agree with you guys. His slow start has got to do with missing the whole spring, etc. His premise is faulty because last year A-Rod hit .302 and had 35 homeruns... and if he was roiding then he would definitely have been busted.


I do think steroids helps out significantly. It would be nice to be able to do a study on these athletes based on seasons that they 'roided on versus seasons that they didn't, and then try to average out the percentage increase among players. But I know these athletes will not be truthful about when they did PEDs, much less the variations in frequency, type of PED, etc.


The board has been slow lately, so I thought I'd at least give you guys something to talk about, though.


Final thought... I will never tune into 'The Herd' again... guy is a major idiot.

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I've been laid off and listening to Cowherd he is constantly putting down baseball. He always talks about how much the Yankees and Red Sox spend and how it ruins baseball,then why is there so much parody in baseball?

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