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Giants Rookie Minicamp Wrap-Up!


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Rookie Minicamp is all over..and here is the recap!


Here’s a look at the New York Giants’ minicamp.


Among the players catching the eye of coach Tom Coughlin: Maurice Evans, Sha’reff Rashad, Kelvin Smith, Cory Boyd, Andre Woodson and Clint Sintim.


WR Ramses Barden left practice with a leg injury that had to be wrapped up, joining WR Micah Rucker (hamstring) on the sidelines.


CB DeAndre Wright registered a nice interception, taking the ball away from WR Daniel Polk.


CB Bruce Johnson had a strong afternoon practice in single coverage, shadowing wide receivers.


LB Kevin Akins had some fun at the minicamp, yelling, “Gimme that!,” on an interception and running into the end zone.


Former Florida State S Kenny Ingram has gained the attention of the defensive coaches and seems to be getting a long look at making the team as he learns how to play linebacker.


WR Hakeem Nicks dropped his first pass after a stellar first day of practice Friday.


FB E.J. Barthel crashed into running backs coach Jerald Ingram during drills.


Former New York Giants DE Eric Dorsey remains close to the game, training players for the NFL Draft.



The Wrap-Up video is below.



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Former New York Giants DE Eric Dorsey remains close to the game, training players for the NFL Draft.



Dorsey: Here's how you do it, guys. Work out like a madman, and take your shirt off in front of the scouts at every opportunity. Then, when everyone sees that you're built like Adonis... you'll go in the top ten picks... and you won't have to worry that you only average two sacks a year! It's that simple!


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Maurice Evans every thing I've read about the rookie mini-camp is that he impressed the fuck outta the coaching staff and really made a name for himself.


Like EA said "You can never have to many pass rushers"


He had 12 Sacks for Penn State his sophomore season in 2007 before getting suspended for possession of marijuana. He lost his starting spot to Maybin. He could have stayed in his senior season but when you are in JoePa's doghouse, you never get out. If he get the head back on his shoulders he can become a beast. At the time, he was a future projected first/second rounder.

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