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Ollie's out of shape


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What is this guys deal? Seems kind of lazy to me, which I think would account for some of his non consistency.


New York Mets' Oliver Perez 'behind' in conditioning after World Baseball Classic

by Brian Costa /The Star-Ledger

Thursday March 26, 2009, 10:00 AM


Pitcher Oliver Perez has alarmed the Mets with his conditioning and performance since returning from the World Baseball Classic, where he played for Mexico.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Mets pitcher Oliver Perez acknowledged Thursday that the World Baseball Classic put him behind schedule in his preparations for the regular season but said he is not out of shape.


"I'm good," Perez said. "If you want to run with me, we can run. I feel good."


Perez's struggles Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers, in his second start since returning from the WBC, left the Mets seriously concerned about his preparedness for the season.


While he was gone for the WBC, Perez pitched only twice in 19 days for a total of just 6 2/3 innings. And he was hit hard in both appearances, giving up seven earned runs on 13 hits.


Not only did he pitch fewer innings than he would have if he stayed with the Mets, but Perez said he also did less conditioning work in between starts.


That leaves him with a lot of ground to make up between now and Opening Day.


"I just threw six innings in 19 days," Perez said. "That's not easy to come back here. I'm behind these guys. They have more than 15 innings. I have two more starts and I have to prepare and get ready."


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Perez is the classic example of a left handed pitcher with great stuff that cant get it together. I dont know what it is with lleft handed pitchers with great stuff(hard throwers), very few turn out to have great careers. Of course their are expections liek Randy Johnson, Johan, CC ect, but for the most part, it always takes hard throwing left handers with great breaking stuff longer to put it all together at the major league level. Some do eventually, but more dont pan out. Weird.

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