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Chris Canty STILL in play


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Just heard back from a second source who told me the Giants have every intention of keeping an open mind when it comes to Chris Canty and they will meet with him on Sunday. The signings of Boley and Bernard, the source said, will have "no effect" on the Giants' intentions with Canty.


Now, saying it has "no effect" is a little misleading. Of course there is an effect -- the Giants won't want to pay as much for Canty because they don't have as pressing a need as they did before Bernard signed. But the Giants are apparently as serious as they've ever been about him and aren't in the business of wasting time and resources, so there's a chance that Canty could be the third big player signed by the team in the first three days of the free agency.


Wasn't it earlier in the week that I was writing about how the Giants usually stay away from the action in the frenzied start of free agency? Right. And I suppose this is what Jerry Reese considers "bottom-feeding."



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Canty would add great depth behind Tuck and Osi.


The Giants likely won't give $18 million in guarantees to Canty, but according to a source, the Bronx native is excited about the prospect of playing close to where he grew up. So excited, in fact, that he rearranged his schedule to meet with the Giants before any other team.


At first glance, it seems odd that the Giants would focus so intently on defensive linemen. But like the entire defensive line, the Giants' defensive tackles wore down as the season went on in 2008. Starters Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield each had knee surgery after the team was eliminated from the playoffs. Robbins also missed time during the year with shoulder injuries and broken hands.



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I would hardly call the Giants moves so far as frenzy-ish. If anything they have been the opposite. Signing Jacobs to an amazingly modest deal? And Boley on a fair contract? Reese doesn't fuck around when it comes to cap and good deals. Just because he is finding those good deals during "frenzy" period doesn't mean they are "frenzy" signings.

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I also can't help that this signing would piss someone off on the defensive line. If the Giants sign

this guy I have to believe Fred Robbins sees the writing on the wall as he is in the last year

of his deal...so is Cofield I believe.

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I understand the Boley deal, but Bernard/ Canty seem a little strange to me. I think depth should be added through the draft. A replacement for Toomer would seem more important, depth at offensive line perhaps, even TE.

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