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Giants finalizing 5 year 25 million dollar deal with Boley


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The Giants and LB Michael Boley will soon agree to a 5-year deal, according to someone familiar with the progess of negotiations. The contract is expected to be worth a total of about $25 million with more than $10 million in guaranteed money.


Boley arrived this afternoon and is expected to have dinner with the Giants staff tonight. Within a few hours, the deal could be made official.


Also, DE Chris Canty will arrive tomorrow, as expected. He's postponed a visit with the Titans that may or may not be rescheduled. Canty has a visit with the Seahawks set up for Monday.


DT Rocky Bernard is also in town and will meet with the Giants tonight and tomorrow. No word on the progress of contract talks there.


And DE Antonio Smith is expected to visit the Giants in the coming days, according to someone familiar with his plans.




Newark Star Ledger

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Who is he?


I can't stand it when an article doesn't say who the guy is and what his accomplishments are...


LB from the Falcons I believe, 5th round pick.


Almost like a OLB/SS hybrid but is a good LB in pass coverage and has alot of speed to him, which is what we need at LB.


http://www.nfl.com/players/profile?id=BOL343936 <----Stats.

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Boley was a 1st and 3rd rd tender RFA in 2008. He is a good player and has what we need in terms of a WLB, thats someone that can cover. Now we need to in the draft get a good SLB who can get after the passer. Blackburn for all his abilities to play inside and out is what he is, a good backup and Kehl is IMO the future at MLB(very very smart as well) good sign by Reese.

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