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Thanks again,


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You have to give it a chance T. 3 episodes will not do it.


It's like when I used to watch NYPD blue when all the rage was "ooh, there's going to be nudity". Well half a season in I was hooked and was until Jimmy Smits left the show. Wire is better, hell it's better than the Sopranos.


Pdub, I've never watched the Shield, but I'm tempted to go out and start buying the season from the getgo.



definitely do it man




get the 1st season its incredible.



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Well I will be the last person to criticize a person for choosing to do something but I will be the first to say "Well what is your point?" You posted a vid of some guy being pissed and I didn't know what you were conveying. Far be it for me to wonder WHY. Maybe instead of posting some random vid of a pissed off person you might want to think about adding some comentary on why you think a pissed of guy conveys your emotions?


...how did you NOT know what he was trying to convey...? :unsure:


you slow, boy?

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