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Only hope KC will not hire Todd Haley or Todd Haley does not agree to terms in KC and They will call Gilbride for Interview and then Hire him............. Fingers xed :unsure:


January 28, 2009


Gilbride won't be Raiders coach

Kevin Gilbride apparently will not be the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders.


But did he ever really have a chance?


He may never know that answer, but it’s a fair question now that it appears the Raiders are about to take the “interim” title away from Tom Cable and make him their new head coach. Gilbride, the Giants offensive coordinator, was one of just three people who interviewed for that job. But there was some controversy over whether the interview was done because they were actually interested in him, or because they were doing him a favor.


With Al Davis, you never know. But there’s another possibility, too: According to multiple NFL sources, it’s possible that Davis just brought Gilbride in to pick his brain. As the theory goes, Davis planned on promoting Cable all along, but he liked the way Gilbride handled the Giants’ offense. So he figured if he brought him in for an interview, he could see what ideas Gilbride might have for turning around the Raiders’ offense.


After all, there are some similarities. The Raiders have multiple running backs to balance, just like the Giants. And the Raiders have a young quarterback, much like the Giants have (or used to have). And Davis, a source said, likes the way the Giants relied on a power running game but were never shy about showing off their downfield passing attack.


It’s all just speculation, of course, and no one knows for sure but Davis. It appears, though, that Gilbride’s interview — whatever it was — wasn’t enough to get him the job.


By Ralph Vacchiano on January 28, 2009 8:31 PM


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Pick what brain ????





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