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Good news on a shitty day!


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I thought Dungy had an epiphany, and was going to stay in Indy?

yeah, I read the article a few days ago.



Prayer, Annoying Daughter Convinces Tony Dungy to Return to Coaching

After a few days at home with his wife, his children and his God, Tony Dungy has decided to return as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts for the 2009 season.


“My wife and I were deep in prayer on Tuesday night, asking God to help us with the decision, when it became clear to me,” said Dungy. “I was interrupted by my eight-year-old daughter, Sara, playing her ******* – I mean, God-blessed – clarinet. For, like, the twentieth time of the day. I knew then that I was to return to Indianapolis.”


Dungy immediately called the team’s traveling secretary and booked the next flight back.




“The next flight wasn’t direct,” said Dungy. “It actually had four layovers – in Jacksonville, then Atlanta, then Charlotte, then Chicago, and then on to Indianapolis, and it was a 19 hours roundtrip, longer than it would take to drive – but I had to get out of there. She wouldn’t stop with the freaking clarinet. Plus, it was the Lord’s will.”


Dungy stresses that it was prayer that forced his decision, not his daughter.


“I am a very spiritual man,” he said. “I pray some days for hours at a time. It’s the only way to live. My daughter will run up to me, her mouth full of braces, reeking of pickles and pre-pubescent B.O. and say: ‘Daddy! Daddy! Watch me do cartwheels!’ But, as a man of God, I have to say: ‘I’m sorry, honey. But I have to go upstairs now to my soundproof prayer chamber for several hours.’”


Now back in Indianapolis preparing for the 2009 season, Dungy says he already misses his family.


“Look here – it’s another e-mail from my daughter,” said Dungy. “It’s one of those e-cards that makes you go to a website and enter some code to see some little frog or something dancing. Delete. You know, because if I watch it I will start missing her too much, and want to quit coaching and go back home … thereby denying God’s will. Can’t have that can we?”


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