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video from Giants.com


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don't know if you all saw it.... what do you think?


I'd post it, but i'm retarded that way... just click on the link






I already posted on that Timmy, I don't like it.


By the way, ignore Big Blue, just tell him you saw his shitty banners at the Fiesta Bowl. :P

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I'm doing great.. thanks for asking. my jaw is almost healed, although I'll have permanent nerve damage. my bottom jaw is still numb, really wierd, especially w/ my girlfriend. so i'm in the process of a lawsuit against the bar and the dickhead who hit me. I'm actually trying to go over the detectives head who said that he wasn't gonna press charges against the dude, it's stupid that he wasn't charged. once he is, it's an open / shut case for me. especially w/ permanent nerve damage. I would imagine that i'll do pretty well financially from it, at least i hope so.


as for the army, I'm just about done w/ all my medical waivers. took alot of time. I'm pretty sure that I'll be going 15T... which is a Blackhawk mechanic and eventually made a crew chief where i'd get flight time, basically, you're responsible for the rear of the chopper. door gunner....etc... but you have to learn the entire helicopter inside and out before they promote you to that level. I just figured it would give me alot better opportunities when i get out as far as a different career if i wanted to get out of running into burning buildings. maybe i could do both.

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Are you talking about the Giants Online video?


Fooch is a douche.


Don't know him, I stopped going to TAGF a long time ago. decided to get my fix from you clowns... we all get along well. But to answer your question, it's the main video on the front page of Giants.com


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