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Why I hate AZ Sports


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Im listening to the local news this morning, and in the span of 1 hour, I hear them make two blatant mistakes. Well, the 1st one was more of an opinion. But I dont know of ONE persons opinion that is that Buffalo was the best team in the league. The first one, was just that. That "the Cards returned to their winning ways by beating the best team in the LEAGUE". The second was, that the next game was against the Cowboys, who are also in FIRST PLACE. :rolleyes:

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Cardinals winning ways!?!? LMAO!! :LMAO:


What? They won ONE game.....that is WINNING for them! LMAO!!!






Actually, I should a rephrased the title. I just hate the Cards and the most of the fans here. I dont hate ALL AZ Sports.

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