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Tynes hurt his leg in camp





Posted: 4:10 am

August 16, 2008


ALBANY - Last week, Lawrence Tynes Lawrence Tynes slipped on the wet grass when his left leg failed to plant properly and the result was a twisted left knee. He has missed five consecutive days of training camp work and, with a preseason game coming Monday night at Giants Stadium, the Giants New York Giants needed another kicker.


Enter Josh Huston. Make that re-enter. After a hastily-arranged kicking tryout, Huston yesterday was the choice ahead of two other kickers - Billy Cundiff was one of the others - and Huston, who gave Tynes a run for his money last summer, will serve as the kicker against the Browns.


"I'm not worried about my job," Tynes said. "It would be an embarrassment if they go out there Monday and there's not a kicker out there. [Linebacker] Chase Blackburn's the backup, I don't know if you guys want to see that. He uses the old square toe."

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