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Practicing the 49ers playoff scenario


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*And the best catch of the day was made by…Rich Seubert? The Giants practiced their field goal fire drill, when there’s a breakdown after the snap and holder Jeff Feagles has to find an alternative. Tonight it was throwing to the end zone for Seubert, who made a leaping grab.


“This always happens in training camp – Feagles and I hook up for one of the greatest catches in practice,” Seubert said. “I pushed off a little bit. Are they going to call it on me? Probably not. They didn’t call it on me a few years back when I got shoved (in the 2002 NFC Wild Card Game in San Francisco).”


The 310-pound Seubert surprised everyone with his jumping ability.


“(Wide receivers) Coach (Mike) Sullivan and I have a close relationship,” Seubert said. “Coach Sully always told me to go up at the highest point and get the ball – don’t let the ball come down to you. I have to give a lot of credit to Coach Flats (offensive line coach Pat Flaherty) for working on my get-offs from the line and Coach Sullivan for teaching me how to catch.”


Seubert said this is the time in camp when Tom Coughlin usually makes a fire call, so he caught passes from Eli Manning during warmups prior to practice. “He was giving me some pointers – all the hard work paid off,” Seubert said. “I’d love to score a touchdown in a game. It’s nice to celebrate them, too.”


Alas, the play ended poorly for the Giants’ new receiving star.


“I tried to spike the ball,” Seubert said. “It slipped out of my hand and I looked like a fool.”


*Sinorice Moss continues to stand out. He put on a tremendous burst to catch a Manning pass in the end zone…Reuben Droughns made a mice shoestring catch on a ball thrown by David Carr…Practice ended when James Butler intercepted a Manning pass in the two-minute drill.



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might, he will make the team. He has had a really good training camp. There are going to be a lot of tough decisions to be made.


It seems he will too, but with his underacheiving in recent years, and some unexpected WR's steppin up (Thorpe, London) and SB hero Tyree, it was looking like he was the odd man out.


BTW, I just saw the Lions preseason game for the 1st time yesterday. Brandon London made one HELL of a catch in that game, and got some pretty decent YAC. He's peaked my interest. A big, strong rec.

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