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We are stacked in the WR...Brandon London Looked good. I really want to see more of D.J. Hall and Hixon. Also, S. Moss looks like he's not going to roll over and die. I hate to see us cut of of these guys and see them burn it up somewhere else.

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I really want Hall to make the team, I think he's gonna be damn good.

I'm with you there. He's kinda been my darkhorse to make it that I'm rooting for. Him and Ogembi N'Wabgoo (or something like that) simply because of his unpronouncable name.....although the coaches are saying they are very impressed with Ogembi on the D-line.


I've been following London pretty closely and I'm impressed. He's tall enough (6-4) to get over these 5'8" - 5'10" dbs, and he seems to have a lot of heart and natural ability. In fact, his progress (IMHO) might be why the Giants are dragging their feet on Plax's contract.


I think DJ HAll will be very talented and I hope the team can find a way to keep him. With Moss acting like a real reciever all the sudden, and the development of London, etc., I'm afraid Hall is a long shot.


After last night's game, I have to wonder if Whimper isn't in trouble to make the team.

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