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Picture Says it All


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Yeah! What's up with that? I read only three players got tossed. That's no fight! I thought there'd be big suspensions on each side. :furious:


Believe me, it was nasty. Guys were looking to hurt each other. And that pussy Jonny Gomes was throwing haymakers while Crisp is being wrestled to the ground.

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Brawl Video

2:38- for the best views.



This is bullshit. So basically, this stemmed from yesterday when Coco Crisp slid into Iwamura a bit too hard for his liking. Coco says he started it first with a bad block that hurt his finger or something like that...but basically, the Rays were out for Coco. Look at the video. Shields hits Coco with his first pitch, Coco charges, Shields builds up a punch and lets loose, Coco amazingly dodges (his dad is a boxer), throws a punch, and is then wrung around the neck by the catcher, Dioner Navarro. While Navarro is trying to push Coco down, Shields tosses in more punches. As soon as he hits the ground, watch closely as Jonny Gomes (31), the DH, charges from the dugout and starts pounding Coco on the dirt. Iwamura (1), the guy in question, comes in from 2b and starts throwing punches as well. And then, who else, but Carl Crawford (13) the speedster, comes rushing in from CF, slides in, and throws punches right away! It even looks like the pile turns over a couple of times.


This is just a beat down.

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