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Gotay claimed by Braves


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No surprise he was picked up, it was inevitable once they placed him on waivers. I will never understand why they didn't give him a chance. A second baseman who was one of the best hitters we had when he got opportunities here and there. I guess they didn't think that they had room for him on the roster, and he was out of options to be sent to AAA. But here's a guy who is a second baseman who can just rake and has good speed. And they let him go for nothing? There is a very short list of second basemen in MLB that can hit, and he was showing that he was one of them. He showed more to me than punch and judy Castillo. All I ever see as a reason he didn't get more time is that he was not up to par defensively, but I think this is a cop out. He will haunt us. We just made the Braves a better team for nothing.


So now we are left with an old second baseman with bad knees. At least we have Marlon Anderson.

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Another brilliant Omar move. Let's give Fernando Tatis the last roster spot. So we get crap for Milledge and now got nothing from the Banister trade.


Gotay was not part of the Bannister trade, he was traded for jeff Keppinger.

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