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The Giants didn't beat the Cowboys

so-cal dub

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According every sports radio station(outside of the New York area I imagine), it was Tony Romo's fault. Not the fact we played great, made adjustments, ect.. Nope. All I've heard all day long was Romo this and Romo that, T.o., Crayton, the line was aweful, blah blah blah. Why on earth doesn't the Gmen ever get respect? :huh:

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The way I see it, all they are doing is talking about Craytons drop, my thinking is that drop negated the Webster drop that was possibly a pick 6 the other way. These things even out, Giants just played as a team better and made less mistakes.

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Good! Keep pissing off our men in Blue. Clearly, they play better with a chip on their shoulder and I am very happy that the "experts" on ESPN are already asking if Green Bay can challenge New England.

That's what made this vicory and any other future victories that much better. I was so glad the Giants won vs the Cowboys but I was even more amped up when the experts had the Giants losing and we proved them wrong!

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