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Summary of the greatest day in Giants history.....


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....if you've been a fan of the Giants for a month.



After it started out so badly and we had to catch a break to get back into the game, yesterday was a good day in terms of guys coming up big in limited opportunity. Jacobs was great yesterday, Bradshaw arguably was better. Toomer was excellent. Madison actually caught an int this week only to be bettered by the fact that the God's spoke and Cory Webster not only caught an INT but returned it for a touchdown, in what only can be described as THE GREATEST PLAY IN GIANTS HISTORY.....if you've been a fan of the Giants for a month.


I mean, hell Zak DeOssie got in a play at special teams, not bad for a 4th rounder. Butler and Gibril played better yesterday becuase the heat is on now seeing as Dahl and Johnson showed they belong. Kawika Mitchell was heads up, Pierce played well. The ends got pressure on Edwards, not enough to sack him, but he got trigger happy. The Bills wide receivers were a disgrace yesterday. The Giants turned the offensive playcalling over to Spagnolo!!. Feagles didn't get hurt thank God. Tynes only had one kick out of bounds :TU: . The Giants threw Gatorade on Coughlin, Coughlin smiled and gave high fives. Everything in Giant land was happy happy on that gloomy day in Buffalo. Nothing could spoil it.


Unless you're named Eli, then you can.


Brutal, is all I can say. I so wanted Eli to turn this around this season. But 3 botched snaps and another slip out of his hands and another bobbled snap to Jacobs to bail him out. To watch the rest of the team raise their game and then watch the face of the team produce one of the most uninspired efforts ever, was a huge disappointment. Nothing, absolutely nothing in terms of determination, grit. It doesn't matter what he "has', his talent. It's absolutely pointless if you have 'pop warner' moments on the field. Fuck the ball being wet, on the conditions. A snap from the center is inches and to drop it like that was inexcusable to me. And yet, not one person on the sidelines gets in his face. They've tried everything, giving his a captaincy, given him a QB coach, given him no competent backup to pressure him, and treated him with kids gloves. And this is what they are getting back. I didn't agree with Reese's commenting in the press about him and still don't. But there has to be major concerns about the future. Again, I hope Eli would do a "fuck Boohyah", but the more I give him room the more exasperated when I see performances like that yesterday. You look at Edwards and you say, "sure he threw picks out there, but his wide receivers sucked", but his teamates would recognize the effort and stand behind him. But how much do you stand behind a guy who takes a timeout and then comes in an fumbles the snap in the opponents redzone. Speaking to someone last week who is a friend of someone in the org, feeling was the team was not happy recently and it wasn't Coughlin, who they say has tried to adjust.


Sorry for the rant, overall I'm glad, but just not as hopeful as I should be. As for next week, as Moose Johnson put it (frankly he a Kenny Albert suck royally), it's not our responsibility to try and stop the Pats, so here's to Jared Lorenzen's first NFL start this Saturday.


Side note, with all the bad uniforms in the league, the Bills has to be the worst. And to think they have one of the coolest retro shirts they wear twice a season.


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