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Kobe nearly traded today


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As per ESPN, a three team deal fell through.


Kobe to Bulls, PJ Brown and Ben Gordon to Kings, and Ben Wallace and Ron Artest to Lakers was the deal but apparently the Lakers felt that Ben Wallace wouldn't fit into their offense... which he doesn't.

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I completely agree with both of you.


1. I can't stand ESPN, but it's the only way I can get news while I'm at work.


2. I'm a Bulls/Lakers fan (first two teams I ever saw play and i couldn't decide to to root for) so this situation hits close to home for me. While I definately want to see Kobe in a Bulls uniform (which would put my favorite active player on my #1 team) I don't want Paxson giving up a shitload of young talent in exchange. The Lakers haven't come anywhere near building a Real Contender and could use some good young talent and IMHO the Bulls are one good scorer away from being the best in the east. A back court of Hinrich and Bryant, along with Deng, Thomas and whoever the hell we're gonna put at center would be incredible.

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