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Interesting article on Chad Johnson


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Chad Johnson Jumps Route, Picks Off Pass Intended for T.J. Houshmandzadeh


Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson picked off a pass today intended for Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh today and took it in for an important score. Johnson said he knew not to bite on the pump fake from Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer from watching film.


“The Bengals have been going more and more to T.J. Houshmandzadeh in their passing game,” said Johnson. “He has pretty much become their No. 1 receiver. So I knew to watch out for him coming across the middle, especially on third downs. And when he did – BOOM! – I stepped in front of him and picked it off.”


Johnson said he was supposed to run a fly pattern on the play to clear the free safety out of the middle of the field. But he cut off his route and jumped in front of Houshmandzadeh.


“It was easy. Carson Palmer didn’t even try to look me off,” said Johnson. “He thought T.J. was wide open. He tried a double move to get open, but I knew not to fall for it. I think Carson was shocked to see me there.”


The outspoken receiver says he is inside his quarterback’s head.


“They can try to throw away from me if they want, like I’m Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey,” said Johnson. “But the thing is, I know their plays. No matter who the ball is supposed to go to, I’m going to get there first and grab it. People talk about Brian Urlacher and Troy Polamalu – no, I’m the biggest ball hawk in the league.”


Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis says he appreciate his wide receiver’s dedication to defense.


“I wish we had a few more guys like him on this team, to tell you the truth,” said Lewis. “In fact, not just a few – I wish we had 11 guys like him on this team. Currently we have none.”

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He's actually having a decent season. Although not Chad-esque (he only has 3 TDs) he's on pace for nearly 1500 yards and is leading the NFL in Yards per game.


I was just gonna say this, he's on one of my fantasy teams, so I know he's doing decent.

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decent, but mad outspoken and overrated for what he really is. he aint even nearly as good as Plaxico.


Not this season, Plax is blowin him away. But Chad has been great the last few seasons. You know what I think it is with Chad? I think he's been figured out. I think teams and secondaries understand how to contain him now. WIth Plax's size and atletic ability, I think teams are finding it hard to find a way to stop him.

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