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Offense: Eli was horrible in the first half. 3-10, 0 TD, 1 INT. He did do his best Michael Vick impression though. In the second half Eli was 10-15, with 2 TDs and no picks. The ground game was phenomenal. The Ward/Jacobs mix punished the Jets defense, which certainly helped Eli. Their strong production let Eli do what he does best, play-action. The Oline could have done a better job on pass protection, but Eli could have also moved around better in the pocket before abandoning and scrambling. Plax had a great game. Let him rest all week so his ankle is 100% game time. The guy gets by on his natural talent alone, I don't think practice is going to help much.


Congrats to Shockey for his first TD of the season. Way to end that horrible storyline.


QB: B- (His strong second half saved him)

HBs: A+ (4.89 YPC between the three)

Receivers: B+

OLine: A-


Defense: They started out strong, then fell apart as the first half wore on. The pass rush wasn't getting there, and the receivers were finding space to get extra yards. The only thing going for the defense throughout the first half was they were very tough against the run. Then again the Jets run game has not been anything worth fearing. All that said, the defense came out in the second half like the offense did. The Giants outscored the Jets in the second half 28-7. Ross made the goal line interception which led to the Giants scoring drive giving them the lead for the game. He also got the pick six sealing the game.


Congrats to Ross for his first TD of his career. He played a key role in winning the game. And his apparent absence in the first half explains a lot.


Defense: B+

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I should add that the defense was not scored on in the second half.

I thought the defense played a great game. I mean if you think about it, they only gave up 10 points and 3 of the points because of a offensive turn over.

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