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Who'll take the 2007 Cup?


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Can we all wait until after tonight before crowning anyone the Cup Champions yet?


Before half of these teams play seems a little premature, hell before last night I bet everyone in Pittsburgh thought that the Cup was theirs. :rolleyes:

Maybe we should just leave the discussion altogether until the season's finished and we know who won. That will be a fun thread. :mellow:

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Negative, the Rangers exposed them. Ottowa is going to roll them up in 5 games & face Detroit in the finals.


it looks like you're right, dude...ive been watching them dominate all year but they just cant seem to get it done in the playoffs. It seems like Drury has been extremely quiet...tonight's game was a heart breaker....I dont think we have any chance now down 2-0....going to Ottawa(who are fucking nasty as hell, theyve completely outplayed the Sabes and Ray Emery is sick)

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