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You know there was a lot of scrutiny placed on Tom Coughlin this year . Every year since he has been our HC people would link him with the likes of Hitler in their idle chatter or their out right dislike for him . So, along the way Pat Hanlon picked up on this and had told Coughlin. the other day Coughlin stated he was next in line to Hitler in as to who people hated most.


After this the whole NY sports media was in an state of disbelief. They could not believe he had said that. They now had a story to run within this slow football period. That leaves me to ask who is to blame for all this "NY Media Hype"


1 Tom coughlin

2 Pat Hanlon

3 NY Media

4 Message boards


it seems to be just a vicious circle


1 The message boards called coughlin a "Hitler"

2 Pat Hanlon picked up on this and told Coughlin

3 For some reason coughlin said it in an interview

4 The Media has a field day


Now I am in no way endorsing coughlin just making an observation . Maybe we (not sportswrathians, Hanlon dont come here unless he is a guest) as posters are also stirring the NY Media pot. Not purposely just in Talking openly and some one else picks up on something and runs with it.


Pat Hanlon is like Eva Braun, he'll follow coughlin any where :rolleyes:

this will be in the papers in 5 days now ,...............

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Pat Hanlon is a jackass. I can't figure out why the Giants keep him around.


It'll be interesting to see what happens with Coughlin this year. The players have never liked him, but they show up to play every week under him.


But the Hitler comment was just dumb (as are just about all Hitler comments).

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