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Qb Coach Terry Shea available


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Go after him? :ph34r:



Just days after indicating that he will rework the Kansas City playbook for 2007, Chiefs coach Herm Edwards has fired quarterbacks aide Terry Shea, a move that probably signals a major overhaul in the team's offensive design.


Shea, 60, had strong ties to former Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil and was a devotee of onetime offensive coordinator Al Saunders. With Edwards determined to move in a different direction, and perhaps scrap much of the offense with which the former staff operated, the dismissal of Shea was not surprising.


Under coordinator Mike Solari, who has received Edwards' staunch support, the Chiefs' offense likely will become even more power-based. Solari was the team's offensive line coach before being promoted to the coordinator spot in 2006. Edwards wants to continue to run the ball, with tailback Larry Johnson clearly the centerpiece of the attack, but wants to be more aggressive throwing vertically.


A longtime developer of quarterbacks at the college level, Shea joined the Chiefs' staff under Vermeil in 2001. He left in 2004 to become the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, but was fired after only one season, and returned to Kansas City in 2005.


When Edwards replaced the retired Vermeil in 2006, Shea was one of several assistants retained.


In addition to his NFL experience, Shea has an extensive college background, and served as head coach at San Jose State (1990-91) and Rutgers (1996-2000).


It remains to be seen how Shea's departure affects the status of Trent Green, who missed half the year as he recovered from a severe head injury sustained in the season opener. The two men are very close on and off the field.


Edwards indicated that Green will return as the starter in 2007. But at his age (36) and facing the prospect of a new offense, Green might be pressed for his starting job.

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