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Shockey was a factor and teams were scared of him? What happened? Why does Eli look at plax, than nobody ele? I just cant put this shit together. I know that Eli has got to hear that he looks for Plax too much. His brother, dad, coach, someone has got to tell him. And this whole situation this weekend is killing me. Giants can only go down, Romo looks like fuckin HOF Qb the past 3 weeks, Cowboys couldnt be hotter, etc... I hate to say it because i always stick with the Giants no matter what. But this eekend guys, we're gonna get fuckin killed. I dont care if we lose by 1 or win by 1. If we lose, which I cant see us winning, we're done. I just hate the whole scenario. I hate to blame one guy, but who calls the plays? Ya know. :cwy:

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I don't know but didn't Eli throw to Shockey a few weeks ago, but Shockey dropped it 3 times. I agree that they still need keep throwing the ball to Shockey. BTW, Shockey has been getting held on almost every play with no calls from the refs. This has more to do with the wailing of his arms than Eli.

Well IMO Shockey will NEVER get any calls from the refs because he is too busy showing them up. NFL Replay tortued me with the Titans/Giants game and it showed Shockey after every catch, running to the refs tryna show them where to spot it. And I know that he gets frustrated when he's held....but to bug the ref on every play??? Not gonna get any calls.

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