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Well,....if we lose out.

so-cal dub

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We have a good shot at landing Brady Quinn. :P

OK, all joking aside, I dont what to say anymore. I can bash this team, or I can have false hope. I dont know where to go anymore. I feel this team is better than they show.

Or we could draft Adrian Peterson this year, make the playoffs next year, and take Jamarcus Russell in the second in 08. :)





I hear ya, this season is giving me an ulcer.

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After the Bears game I had trouble sleeping. After the Jaguars game...I didn't. I'm not going to suffer with these fuckwits. If the coaches and Eli want to lose...let 'em. I'll be ready for '07 but, I will not expect anything of this team.

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Worst case, I think the Giants will go 3-3 for the remainder of the season which would make them 9-7.

They'll likely go 4-2 though and end up 10-6 and making the playoffs!

I do believe we win this Sunday and then beat the Boys at home the next weekend. We will be getting many of our people back for the Cowgirls game.

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To much has happenedthis season to make assumtions. Lets face it here fella's, we dont know what the fucks gonna happen. And if you think you do, you really dont.

Settle down men, the giants will make the playoffs, and hopefully in the second half the injuries will subside and they will be ready to go.

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