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GIANTS today...


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Some may think that the Giants are now a different team. With the recent plagued of injuries it may not be unfathomable. But I am sticking to what has been set, i.e.- what has been put in place by our coaching staff.


This week we will truly see that impact that our coaching staff has had on the depth of this team. How well the message of expectation was delivered and administered will be clearly reflected by the play of our 2nd string players. I think they respond to the call and have a solid game against the Bears.


These changes in personnel offer our coaches a new perspective on how they want to approach things. I hope they learned their lessons in the earlier weeks when they tried to do things that the player package in place could not execute effectively....the bye changed all that....and we've been ballin ever since...I say the roll continues....




I wish I was a fly on the wall in the coaches meeting room today...

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Man I gotta say I really dont know what to think now. Toomer has been clutch. Not spectacular but hes there when we need him. On the other hand, Carter as the #2 target could realy open things up for us. Hes just got to stay consistant with his catches. If he can do that we will be fine, on offense anyway. Burress may be out this week also :( We might have to turn Tiki it to a WR this week and play BJ full time. (think about that for a sec ;)




Strahan going down is terrible. But I think we can make do without him for up to 4 weeks if we get a few guys back this week. Either Osi or Tuck. We gotta get Short back, and we gotta get Madison back.

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I thought I read that Tuck practiced. Hopefully he can play. I think that we should be okay without Strahan for a few weeks, but ONLY IF we get Tuck and Umenyiora back. Bears running game COULD HAVE a field day to the outside if our linebackers aren't on top of their game. Short needs to get healthy. Emmons needs to get healthy.


I think Burress should be good to go, especially with Toomer being out. Carter and Burress can both stretch the field. Could lead to a big day for Shockey and Moss (if he plays) underneath. Perhaps Urlacher playing with a slightly injured foot is better for Shockey to get loose in the middle. I don't know.


I do know though, that completely healthy, we're a better team than the Bears.

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