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Hmm do I want the rainout?


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DO I want the rainout to let 40 year old Glavine get his full term rest(as he would have had their not been a rainout in NY) or do I want to come back and play tonight thinking our offense is in sync and on a role. There is also the angle that I want to enjoy a game tonight.


Hmm, not sure what i want. Guess a rainout benefits us more than it does them?

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Definately think it benefits us more, cuz Glavine has a 2-5 record on short rest in the playoffs.


I don't think there is much choice anyway. If you look at the hour by hour section on weather.com it should rain until 2am.

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Good, I need some sleep tonight.


Remember the last time Glavine went on 3 days rest? It set him back for the most of the later part of the season. When he went against LAD part of our fantastic road trip where he struggled, and never got it back until really late in the season.

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Game 1 of the World Series will be Saturday, October 21, 2006, so if Glavine pitches tomorrow now, and we make the World Series, he should be ready for game two, leaving Game 1 to El Duque.

I don't think he gets the ball so fast...

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