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  1. Or pay 20 women $100k each to be part of your harem for four years, and still profit over $150 mill. Deshaun did it all wrong, but that's the thing with deviants.
  2. I bet Jeff Fisher would go 8-8-1 with 17 games to play.
  3. ESPN: "Not even Jeff Fisher could go 8-8 under this format." 17th Game will be inter-conference rotating through divisions you played 2 years ago (based on final standings the previous year), so for 2021: AFC East teams will play NFC East teams NFC North teams will play AFC West teams NFC South teams would play AFC South teams NFC West teams will play AFC North teams AFC hosts all these games one season, NFC hosts them all the next.
  4. It also didn't stop the Dallas Texans from moving to KC and becoming the Chiefs. Watson is a freakazoid. I know, I would have done the same thing...but I don't make $100 gorillion dollars.
  5. So long ass-face. Always hated that cry baby.
  6. And...the Vikings just shipped him to Baltimore for a 3rd/conditional 5th.
  7. Ngakoue on one side, Danielle Hunter on the other.
  8. Whelp...it's gonna be: Washington Football Team for at least 2020. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29524343/washington-nfl-team-use-washington-football-team-now-sources-say
  9. Maybe it starts with not paying them crazy money. If QBs are just another cog, there is no incentive to over-protect their baby asses.
  10. It's time to go to Two-Hand Touch on the QBs. You can't bar defense from going after them, but at the same time let them escape to create some magical down-field scramble/completion...so...defense gets two hands on QB, he is down. Or let them get creamed/let them escape. This is just plain stupid. I've seen so many other plays where if one of the collidants is a QB it would be a penalty, but they weren't, so it wasn't.
  11. 7th Round Pick, per Rappaport. Thanks gmen!
  12. Agreed. 2 or 3 should be max.
  13. I was wondering why my Keepers weren't kept. I hate weekend drafts, anything during work hours is best. But do what you gotta do. (and why did I have to dig deep to find this thread...put it in General)
  14. He's gonna replace Phil Simms in the booth on CBS broadcasts with Nantzy.
  15. I was originally VERY skeptical of the move....but... Bradford has been on two shitty, shitty teams since being drafted numero uno. And apparently, tons of coaches (not so much the fans) are high on the guy. Let's see how he does as QB1 on the best squad he's ever been part of. And...as Fringey said...the deeper this team plays into January, the farther down that first-round pick falls.
  16. I am cautiously optimistic, considering we were dead last in the league last year for pass attempts. Hill is probably the best backup in the league (not counting Prescott, who is now a Starter). As long as he doesn't LOSE games.
  17. Done for season. Nuts. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000692565/article/teddy-bridgewater-suffers-dislocated-knee-torn-acl
  18. Sorry, didn't see this before starting the GD thread. We're all in it sounds like.
  19. Very good question, I wondered the same thing: "The NFL’s operations office, currently headed by Troy Vincent, regulates the game’s officiating and rules, and helps to further communication with players and coaches concerning the game as it’s played every week."
  20. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000497512/article/giants-assistant-safeties-coming-along-very-slowly The New York Giants sat with a gaping hole at safety this offseason. The void is currently being filled by rookies Landon Collins, Mykkele Thompson and Bennett Jackson (a converted corner), alongside third-year pro Cooper Taylor (coming off injury that forced him to miss all of 2014) -- second-year safety Nat Berhe has been out with a calf injury. Finding a free safety to pair with the more box-oriented Collins seems to be a troubling task. Safeties coach Dave Merritt also pointed to a chemistry issue early in offseason workouts. "The chemistry is what I'm really looking for right now," safeties coach Dave Merritt said Tuesday, via ESPN.com. "You can't have two cooks in the kitchen. I've had that with my wife and her mom. You can't have both of them in the kitchen. Somebody has to go sit down. So you need to have one leader back there, and that's what I'm still looking for. It's elusive. I'm searching for it. If it's Landon, great. If it's Cooper, great. If it's Nat, great. If it's Mykkele, great. But I need to have a leader come up and emerge out of this minicamp and emerge out of training camp." Coupling inexperience with the installation of a new defense has made the process even more difficult. "Very slow," Merritt said of how it's progressing. "Very slow leadership, as far as making calls, controlling the defense. If I give you a call and I tell you, 'These are the checks and this is what I need you to do. If you see this formation, this is what you check to,' the guys right now that I have are very slow at making those checks." In colleague Chris Wesseling's analysis of the weakest defensive groups in the NFL earlier this month, he mentioned the Giants' safeties were just ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the bottom. So far, nothing this offseason has improved that ranking for Big Blue.
  21. when we all made it the Big City for MIN-NYG game a couple Octobers ago...my man Hugh G Wreckshun...Mr. Meatdrapes... shouting out right behind the prettiest 16 year old female Viking fan, her aghast mother, and a dilbert brother and dad... "RAM THE COX RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE!" "I LOVE COX!" "GIVE COX A CLEAN HOLE, GODDAMN!" And so on. And so forth.
  22. Hey! Whupping your kid isn't the same as knocking out your wife or *cough* murdering someone.
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