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  1. is this the guy that couldn't tackle Tiki in 2005, along with the entire Chiefs secondary?
  2. good..now i can't wait until Marty finally reveals he was the source that advised Eli not to play for SD...
  3. BiG PiMPiN


    Chris Snee would hit that.....
  4. we fire Coughlin...we hire BP as GM...he hires his old friend Tom Coughlin to be his coach for the New York Football Giants....
  5. i wonder if this is the same "asshat": insider rumor from scout.com
  6. the same reason why we were favored by 3 vs the Saints....those odds guys don't know what the hell their talking about.....
  7. BiG PiMPiN


    the one that beat the Eagles was perfect, off his back foot, no less...the one against the Cowgirls was a well-thrown bomb (where roy williams ran into the ref)...there were a few where Plax slowed down for some reason and had to jump or dive when it wasn't necessary...had he kept his pace, he would've caught them in stride....
  8. BiG PiMPiN


    you mean the one TD where it was AGAINST strong wind gusts?
  9. BiG PiMPiN


    the west coast offense replaces running plays with quick, short passes...the WCO would be a colossal waste of Eli's talent, since it is more suited for weak-armed QBS that need simple reads and outlets to the running back...you don't draft a QB #1 overall to run a WCO, since you can pretty much insert anybody smart enough to run it and they don't have to be physically talented...look at Drew Brees...he doesn't run a pure WCO, but it's similar....his numbers look great because all he does is throw swing passes to Reggie Bush....the short pass is Eli's weakness and he can't hit a swing pass to Tiki if his life depended on it.....
  10. it's a shame i got banned from that site...rnargi says "suck" and Eric gets on his knees
  11. and rightfully so....the team as a whole are a buncha softies....weeks ago, he said it was "over" after our Tennessee meltdown and people got on him for that....
  12. what's funny is people are calling him out for having #10 on the pink jersey...as if he is calling Eli a girl...but the fact is, he got that picture out of the Giants fan gear store and that's what they sell for the ladies....he isn't saying Eli, specifically, is a bitch....
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