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Unbelievable story


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So the last week I've spent a nice vacation at the Los Abrigados Inn in Sedona. There is a restauraunt there called "On the Rocks" that I spent some of my dinner's at.


Anyway, when I ate dinner at the resauraunt, my waiter's name was Anthony lo Duca. I say jokingly to my Dad, "Maybe he's Paulie's brother." But I didn't really mean it. Even though he did look like Paul. And he also is a big Mets fan judging by his reactions when we scored.


So just for kicks, I look through the internet and what do you know, Paul's brother's name is Anthony. And I looked into it even more and the guy is a coach of a baseball team in Arizona and the pics look just like him.


I should've asked him but right now I'm pretty sure that was Paul's brother.

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I understand, must be hard keeping up down there without DirecTV.

I couldn't imagine being a huge fan of anything and not having access to all of the teams games. I did that last year with the Mets when I didn't have FSNY but at least I had some games. God bless the diehards who can't watch their games. We salute you!

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He's not even as good as Posada.


We've told you before. Don't comeback until you learn something about baseball.


One of the best defensive catchers in the league with a slumping september batting average of .350 is not better than an average defensive catcher, a hot .270 hitter with an all star lineup around him?


In your dreams. Take off your Yankee Blinders that we've told you so many times.

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no, I agree with Ditto if this was 2003... but it's not... while Lo Duca is on the rise, Posada is on a decline... I like Posada and all but...


Lo Duca > Posada


I think you are going overboard. You can't compare Lo Duca and Posada, both fill their roles just as equally... they call their games and they give 100% on offense... you can argue who's role is more important but that's a whole nother thing.

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