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This Goes To The People Who Got To Watch the Giants Game

Plax 4 Prez

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It was only the first pre-season game, but I think we looked flat. Even the coach called the defense soft. Here's a link to the article:


daily news article


Jennings punt return was good

Jared Lorenzen's drive was cool(his fumble before that was not)

Another bright spot was Kiwanuka and his 1.5 sacks.

Tim Carter looked good to (but we all know that he does good until the injuries set in)

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The thing is... everyone is throwing the defense under the bus already, but they look like this every year in preseason because Lewis plays a vanilla defense in preseason. On top of that think about how many people were out. If it was the regular season and we played like that, I might be worried, but it's preseason and we didn't have a scrimmage to get us prepared like almost everyone else did. We'll see how the rest of the preseason goes and then we can make a true judgement.

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gibril got beat by heap a few times


madison played that deep ball real well

And I thought that was pass interference on Mason too. Madison could've had that ball picked off. I didn't like that he spent 15 minutes shaking his head in a very cocky manner to our sideline. We know he didn't catch it Sam, go get setup for the next play.


In all fairness to Gibril, Heap is an amazing TE. He hasn't had the chance to go one on one with anyone before because his other WRs have sucked and he hasn't had a chance to explode onto the scene yet because the QBs he's had sucked. It's nice to see he finally has a chance to really shine.

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