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First of all great site. I'm a huge Giants fan. I have been looking at some of the Sig you have made and they are amazing. I was wondering if you could make me one.


I would like Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro on one side and Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey on the other with the words THEN and NOW small at the bottom.


Littlebird13 on it somewhere.


The Phase SHOCK THE WORLD maybe at the top (my 7 year old son yells this every time Shockey catches a ball)


Giants Stadium in the back ground.


Color doesn't matter but I like the Red on Nemesis sig.


If any of this is not possible I completely understand.

I have some pics but if you know of better ones feel free to use them

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.


I'm flexible so anything you can come up with.










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I just got your PM Little Bird, sorry if i'm late but my PM alert isn't working so i didn't know I had a PM.



Any, i PM'd you the link to my Giants Offense Pics, but sisnce I'm here I'll go ahead and post the links to all the pics I currently have.




General Giants Pics




Giants Defense




Giants Offense





Sig makers, if you don't have some of those pics, feel free to save any of them you want.

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Hey Nesta,


Thanks to Virginia Giants I posted some more pics to choose from in case you do get time to make my sig.Pick the ones you think would look the best. You know more about this than more I do.


Thanks again,


Kenny (littlebird13)


no problem

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