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  1. By the way lughead where you from I'm from the adirondacks too.
  2. Awesome Thanks Lughead You :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy: tha man
  3. Can anyone make me a wallpaper for my paintball team. Colors are Red & Black This is our image. Anything would be graetly appreciated have fun and be creative. Thank You littlebird13
  4. Thanks Gorilla :worshippy: :worshippy:
  5. Hey everyone, I have a paintball team. We will be starting a website soon. I wanted to be the first with an awesome Sig. What better place to get one than Sportwrath right?? If anyone has a chance to make me one it would be greatly appreciated. Our name is THE BROOD Colors are Black and Red The name PSYCHO on it somewhere I like the design of Nemesis Getting Evil Sig But anything anyone can come up with would be great. Thank You in advance Kenny
  6. thank you enjaygee looks awesome. You do great work
  7. Toomer is out for season ARG its getting worse. But I think We'll be okay
  8. Whenever you get time Thank You
  9. Whenever you get time :worshippy: :worshippy:
  10. What do you mean?? they are the ones with red and yellow on. The guy on far left. His record was 159-0
  11. Sure first one on the left if you can if not whatever you come up with I'm sure will be great. I tried to get you a pic of the iowa state cyclone bird but I couldn't find one you could use. Thanks Again littlebird13
  12. Thats about the best I could find sorry. But I'm sure if you have the time you'll be able to make something awesome out of it, Thanks alot Kenny Littlebird13
  13. I was wondering if anyone can make me a sig of IOWA STATE CYCLONES WRESTLING Hers some pics but be creative. Colors are cardinal and gold Something out of the ordinary would be awesome. Thanks in advance littlebird13
  14. Thanks for the reply Nemesis. Would you be able to make me some kind of a sig with brandon jacobs. Anything you can come up with would be aewsome. Thanks littlebird13 :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy:
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