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Decent article Barkley and McCaffrey picks


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Something I've been feeling more and more with Barkley. 

It's great when you have one of these guys at full health, they can carry a team quite literally on their backs. 

However when you rely to much on a single guy who plays a position that rarely doesn't have injuries, it's gonna come back to haunt you, especially when it's a high first round draft capitol.

Only RB I can think of was Tiki who never got hurt and he was built like a Greek god and had a training regimen that would make Mr.Universe blush.

Edit; also funny that it was DG who made this pick twice lol two high round RBs hurting their team being out.

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  • BlueInCanada changed the title to Decent article Barkley and McCaffrey picks

I don't believe either team was intending to build around the RB position yet that is the automatic assumption when a team drafts a RB high in the first round.

Have to remember this was a completely different team when Saquon Barkley was drafted.  Odell was still on the team, Eli was still on the team, etc.

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