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WR Curtis Samuel


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Everyone keeps talking about us getting this guy.

Honestly considering our cap situation and what he will cost ($8-11mm per year), sounds like a better option than Golladay and Robinson who are likely going to command possibly double that.

I think he also adds a dimension that Golladay and Robinson cannot.


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He might be one of the options the Giants have to take at WR.

Robison and Golladay are expecting to make 18+ million a season.

With the Giants more than likely giving Williams 16 to 20 million a year (my prediction is a 4 year 74 to 80 million contract) we really don't have the fire power to go throw money at another high priced WR especially with the cap going down this year.

Samuel is interesting I would prefer Corey Davis but either of the guys would help bolster the WR core.

Samuel and Shepard would be a good pair out there with the possibility of a guy like Waddle being in the mix.


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