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The next four games.


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Giants basically have to win 2 of the 4 to secure the playoff spot, and anything after that is just insurance.

Coming up; DA CARDNAHLS!

Very bipolar team. One week Murray and the O put up 450+ yards and score 40 points, the next week they cant convert a third down to save their lives. Defense has been solid but is nothing out of the ordinary, Isaiah Simmons has been a non factor most of the season. If the Giants defense shows up like it did last week, this should be a win.

Prime time: Browns

NFL flexed this game to prime time Sunday night, why? Because both teams are on hot streaks and both teams need this win BADLY! The Browns are playing in an AFC North division that might send three teams to the playoffs. They have one of the best run games and one of the best defenses in the NFL. Going to be tough, but if Baker has a melt down, or Jones has a career game, could be winnable

The last bird game: Ravens

This game is only a win if the Ravens can't get their Covid cases under control and they lose multiple starters. Unless the Giants pull some magic out of their ass I can't see it being a win, since much like the Browns, the Ravens need this win to keep competing in the AFC North.

Saving the best for last: Dollus

Should be winnable but depending on how the prior three games have gone this could be a revenge game for the Cowboys with a chance to knock the Giants out of playoff contention. No NFC East match up is a guarantee, so let's just hope we win the last three instead of relying on a W here to get us into the playoffs.

What I think will happen: 4-0, Giants defense stays hot, Jones comes back to ball out.

What the realist in me thinks will happen: 2-2 with the Dallas game being the deciding win sending the Giants into the playoffs.

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Arz -  let’s hope our Defense can contain that little baby from scrambling one too many times. They are bipolar cuz teams has figure out their tendencies.  As for their defense I’m going to assume they will use Simmons hawking Jones and keeping him in the pocket, taking away his legs if he decide to run.  

I can’t wait to see Bradberry vs Hopkins.  

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