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Thank you Mara


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For the following;

1) Thinking MacAttack was a decent HC.

2) Holding on to JR till 2017.

3) Hiring DG who promised he could "Build a new roster while competing with the old one"

3a) Hiring DG

4) Whatever 2018 was supposed to be?

5) Telling MacAttack to bench Eli for Geno Smith.

6) Keeping DG/Shurmur past 2018.

7) Whatever 2019 was supposed to be? A rebuilding/Competing year?

8) Whatever you did to Eli in his final year instead of just letting him walk in 2018.

9) Keeping DG after 2019.

10) This current state of the team, which we should of gone through in 2017 with a different GM/HC.

Thank you Mara for trying to string Eli and us fans along for three years of "competing while rebuilding" like DG promised you.

I hope Tisch buys you out of your stake of the team, you fucking cock sucker.






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I know we're only 3 weeks in, new coach, no offseason, covid....I get all that, it'd be a challenge for any team. But Holy Hell, the culture remains the same. Turnovers, penalties, no o-line, minimal improvement on the D, injuries. It's been the same old, same old for years. Come into the season brimming with hope and there we sit at 0-3. I really thought when they got Judge they were shooting for the current trend of young coaches ala Sean McVay. Maybe shit will pan out and we're just being fickle fans but it sure doesn't feel like it. 


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