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Emmitt Smith’s mock draft

Mr. P

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I always look forward to his mock draft every year. 

Won’t copy and paste the whole thing but here is the giants pick: 


giantsb_logo.gif New York Giants: Jerry Judy, Alabama  Alabama_logo.gif 
Alabama have a lot of good receiver lately and Jerry Judy the lateliest one who comed to the National League of Football from the city of Alabama. Some of the guy who comed from Alabama are Julio Johnson, and, uhh, other guys. 


Jerry Judy have two first name in his name which real interesting. Jerry remind me of the cartoon, Jerry and Tom, where the mouse and cat are best friend. And then there Judy, which remind me of the daughter on the show Family Manners who disappear one day probably because she die a horrible demise but no one try to speak this except Lionel Ritchie, but he just a little kid and no body listen to him. 









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