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Chargers to move on from Rivers.


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Report: Chargers have “moved on” from Philip Rivers

Posted by Darin Gantt on January 27, 2020, 3:07 PM EST

Philip Rivers has moved back to the East Coast, and it appears it’s for good reason.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports during an appearance on The Herd, the Chargers have “moved on” from the 38-year-old quarterback.

Rivers had already moved his sizable family back to Florida, which has sparked all manners of dot-connecting which put him on teams not the Chargers. The Buccaneers seem uniquely poised to use him as either a quarterback or leverage in ongoing negotiations with Jameis Winston.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco had previously talked about all the “moving parts” involved with the veteran free agent.

The Chargers pick sixth in the 2020 NFL Draft, behind the notably needy Bengals (first) and Dolphins (fifth), so there will be competition if they choose to go the route of a rookie. But with a deep class of veteran quarterbacks available this year including Tom Brady, they can choose from a number of options as they try to establish themselves in an actual-sized stadium in Los Angeles.



Jay Glazer: I didn’t report the Chargers have “moved on” from Philip Rivers

Posted by Josh Alper on January 28, 2020, 4:35 PM EST

After Jay Glazer of FOX Sports made an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s radio show on Monday, there was word that he’d reported that the Chargers have “moved on” from Philip Rivers and closed the door on the quarterback’s return for the 2020 season.

Reports to the contrary surfaced later in the day and Glazer himself doused it in cold water on Tuesday by saying that he never made that report.

Glazer said, via Fernando Ramirez of NBC San Diego, that he was talking about Tom Brady and Drew Brees and made an offhand comment about the difference in their situations to Rivers’ situation and was unaware why so many people were texting him about the supposed report. Glazer went on to say that it is his opinion that Rivers will be leaving the team, but that he has not reported it is a done deal.

Rivers recently moved his family from San Diego to Florida and has said he has no intention to retire from the NFL.


:laugh: Welcome to offseason NFL news. 

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