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Steely Dan


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Since we just drafted the new face of the franchise I figured I would do some reading on the legend that is soon to be of Steely Dan. I found a few interesting facts;


1) Steely Dan lost his virginity before his dad.


2) Big Stones Jones is a way better nick name than Nick Foles former nick name


3) Steely Dan can throw a football clear over those mountains.


4) Team mates went to Steely Dans birthday party.


5) When drafted he didn't need to charge people $50 to attend his draft party because when you're with Steely Dan it's always a party.


6) Dave Gettleman was tempted to trade two years worth of draft picks to the Cardinals to ensure that Steely Dan would end up with the Giants but as fate would have it the Giants fell into Steely Dans lap.

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