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2019 Yankees


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Some of the glow looks to be coming off the Astros.


Stealing signs is part of the game....getting caught doing it is...well....bad.


C.W agon

using technology to steal signs is very bad.


Judge should have won mvp and the yankees should have won the world series...girardi would have still been manager

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Yes....but if someone hadn't of been typing pitches out of the score board at the Polo Grounds, Bobby Thompson would not have been sitting on that fast ball and the Dodgers would have gone to the Series in 51'.......I mean....part of the game.


I just fucking hate the stros.....wish they would go away as they are diminishing my hatred of the Sox.....guy's only got some much hate.


C. Wagon

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I agree that its a part of the game....but not using televisions to get them. Thats another level...straight scumbag shit.



I hate the asterisks too. They won only home games against the yanks in the 17 alcs. Thats why they won the series


The Giants used a telegraph supposedly on Thompson's shot.


I was catching a game ..a life time ago...and kid on second was peaking in and then flashing fingers to the batter. Batter popped up...inning over. I went to their 3rd base coach as he was crossing the diamond and told him what his runner was doing and that if it happened again it would be bad.


Kid comes up a couple innings later...leans back...and apologized for doing it. The ump laughed his ass off ...and said "Just try not to be so fucking obvious...that was embarrassing".


God I love baseball.


C. Wagon

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