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They're heating up


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Gregorious...andujar.... Austin has held down the fort at 1st... starting pitching has been coming around.


I think the cold weather really affected them.



Stanton with a monster game too

..and judge keeps doing it all...also gleyber with his first hit and run scored

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Yeah the Twins got worked.

I think you are right about the weather....and shit...a good 25% of their guys are on the DL......I am starting to worry about this Bird kid and his staying healthy.....


C. Wagon

yeah, well fortunately, ty Austin is raking so bird can take his time.


And Tyler Austin didn't come out of nowhere...he was their top hitting prospect a few years back... injuries plagued his development...even at the major league level to some degree..he is healthy and doing what everyone thought he would do...hit for power and decent average. He was a minor league beast when he was young and healthy.


I hope his impending suspension doesn't cool his bat, but he's been great at first base, holding down the fort for bird.


As the weather gets better, the Yankees will be what we expected them to be. 40 degrees is hard to grip a ball for pitchers and hard to hit a ball for hitters.


The red Sox have played in Miami, Anaheim, Tampa, Oakland, Toronto (domes), Baltimore and a few home games where they're always tough.



They're not as good as their record...they've beaten up on awful teams and played a lot of games away from the bad weather in Boston.

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Just watching the cubs- up 3-0- this guy Pedro Strop looks unhittable- 3 pitch S.0.- Madden makes a pitching change- next guy gets a groundout- now another pitching change!

Guys a genius?

he isn't a very good manager...he almost lost the world series for the cubs single handedly.


Giants win today?

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So tank for 10 years like the Atros and Cubs? No thanks. That's one way, not the only way.

you already know how I feel about the Astros.. biggest cheaters in the game..they should not be able to play in the majors for ten years...if I were Manfred, I'd penalized any team that didn't have a payroll over 125 million every year. And for a team like the Astros, I'd ban them for ten years.


The Yankees did it right... transitioned to a youth movement while staying competitive...giants can and should take a page from the Yankees book on that. Looks like that's what they may be doing

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Yanks will probably lose tonight to the cheatros. Man I hate that team...I don't know how they were allowed to do what they did....and their fans are so fair weather...where were they when they purposely lost 95 to 120 games a year for a decade?


If any team I root for ever did that, they'd lose me as a fan for life.


I'm fine with any team I root for losing, but purposely losing to stock pile top 5 draft picks while not signing any players to keep you competitive, I cannot condone.


It's cheating... especially when the team is still making a shit ton of money...like the cheatros did... Houston is like a top ten largest city in the country..they are not a small market team by any relative terms

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Houston cheatros bullpen...Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!



They must have nightmares when they have to go into a game against the yankees.


Win series in Houston three games to one. Almost a a sweep...the game they lost was a 2-1 game.


Yanks are 14-1 in last 15.


To quote the late, great Denny green..." They are who we thought they are"

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