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Aaron judge


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He's has gotten even better so far this season. Less homers so far...but not by much...but better plate discipline...not swinging at those high inside fastballs. Walking even more..always on base and he has become one of the better defensive right fielder's in the game.


He might just be one of the top ten players in the world.


Love this kid and watching him improve is glorious

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Maybe he can pull Stanton aside and tell the fucker to chill on the curve balls...


Kid is gripping hard.


C. Wagon

Stanton is all screwed up.... missing fastballs badly.


Hes a streaky hitter..he will come around. He will carry the team for a month at some point

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...you mean like ...last night....:)


C. agon

yup...I really believe that the awful weather had a lot to do with the Yankees mediocrity...the past four of the past five games have been in nice weather...they won all four of those nice weather games and lost the shitty weather game..I don't think its a coincidence
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