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Is cashman being shrewd by not hedging his bets


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Is he prophetic? By not signing any insurance free agents?


Multiple free agents have taken one year deals for peanuts.


Is cashman smart for not taking one now? Is he of the mindset that the teams that signed these players won't be in contention and if need be, he can now trade low level prospects, since their on a one year deal, they're only half season rentals, while paying even less in money because of the huge amount of money the player lost in the free agency freeze?


Imagine the Yankees getting Jonathan Lucroy to back up Sanchez on July, and moustakas as to sure up third...and Lance Lynn as rotation depth for nothing.


Or did he make a mistake by not taking advantage now?


Only time will tell, but cashman is as smart and shrewd as a gm as their is in the game...he is the best gm in baseball. So I have to trust cashman the ninja.

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They are going to be fucking fun to watch this year....fucking fun.


I might even come back for a some games.... James so you will need to break your "not going to the new Stadium" pledge....cause your going with me.




C. Wagon

well, that's a definite loophole in my never going to the new stadium stance.


I'd gladly go with you and your crew if you're in town.


I'm coming to DesMoines in June so maybe you guys can head to NYC on my way back...I have room to sleep three, possibly four comfortably in my apartment....if some don't mind a recliner chair.


If it's 400 a night of free place to stay but have to sleep on recliner, I know what I'd choose...but that's your and your crews choice

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