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Neighborhood 400


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Mark Martin to the lead and he puts Jimmie Johnson a lap down :clap:


and as soon as he does that the Tony Raines and the 96 DLP car spins and brings out a yellow and Jimmie gets the Lucky Dog :TD:



:LMAO: lady luck always finds a way to help out JJ



other notables on lap 39 Ricky Rudd takes over driving duties for stewart

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Martin is back in the lead he got by Jeff burton.


Jimmie johnson in danger of going 2 laps down


ricky rudd goes a lap down after filling in for Stewart


Jr doing so - so hes in 11th on the lead lap


Biffle runs 6th


Kenseth runs 2nd


Mcmurray 17th 1 lap down


there are only 12 lead lap cars on the track

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Martin picks up 1 position on the restart Jimmie Johnson spins out and then got hit by the 40 car track back under caution and all the leaders come back in the pits?????????? thats odd unless they are trying to stretch thier last stop window.

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Damn LOL JJ Yalley in the wall again on the restart


There will be 16 cars on the lead lap now , Jeremy Mayfield gets the lucky dogg.



after further review it was Jammie Mcmurray that gets the lucky dogg

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Elliot saddler hits the wall and caution is out .


The 49 car of Kevin Lepage looks to be putting fluid down on the track , possible water.


The leaders are in Harvick and Martin come out 1 and 2 looked to have taken fuel only.


This time Jeremey Mayfield does get the Lucky Dog.



now we see the classic cautions are breeding cautions theme


Jamie Mcmurray stayed out he is in 1st then Harvick then Martin.


Elliot Saddler calls it a day.

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Kenseth wins



1 #17 Matt Kenseth

2 #26 Jamie McMurray

3 #29 Kevin Harvick

4 #31 Jeff Burton

5 #5 Kyle Busch

6 #48 Jimmie Johnson

7 #9 Kasey Kahne

8 #16 Greg Biffle

9 #6 Mark Martin

10 #8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.


roush with 4 cars in the top 9 :rock:

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How the hell did he pull that off anyway, I was working and listening to it on the radio when i could. How the fuck did he manage that shit?



well I wonder where the debri came from after he was put down a lap :brooding: seems to alway be debri when he has a bad day . I wonder if he was missing something from inside the cockpit of that car when he rolled in to the pits after the yellow was trown :unsure:

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