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New Fantasy Football Concept


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8 Team league with only 4 rounds in the draft. You would be drafting a whole team per round. You would end up with the use of 4 complete teams to set your starters from each week.




round 1 Patriots


round 2 Packers


round 3 Raiders


round 4 Jags


Now set your starters from these teams every week, Another wrinkle or rule that could be added is you can only start a player 4 or 5 times per season


What are your thoughts about this?

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Not bad...but the possible tweaks are endless...


What about having 1 steal per week...where you could steal a player from the team you're playing? Think about that come draft time...do you really want Tom Brady or the top RB now...given they may be stolen every week? Maybe you limit the number of times a player can be stolen during the season?

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