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You know its sad but true...

Guest Floyd The Barber

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In my opinion because 2 things that stand out

with the DT. First off we have players that have not yet proven themselves.

Joseph is inconsistant and Robbins is not much better and a guess with his weight.

The other position which is held by either Ducket, Seawright or Coefield is a guess.

Ducket is a work in progress, Seawright has no NFL playing time and the rookie is green.


As much as their was pressure from Strah and Osi QB's had the ability to step up and throw.

The DT's didnt put the kind of push into the QB's face thats needed and when teams doubled

OSi and Stray with TE and RB that gave the QB's time to throw.


Sure our LB's and hopefully our secondary has been upgraded but if these group of players (DT'S)

dont clog the middle with some of the RB's in the NFC east and others they will gain yds on the ground.

I dont care who your LB's are (see ray lewis) you need to clog that middle and also colapse

the pocket. I dont know if you remember but the giants were giving up long sustained drives

and that starts with stopping the run.


As far as eli manning goes if the Giants dont put every game on his shoulder than he will be fine.

If they have him pass 30 to 40 times a game or more than any QB will make mistakes.


i think you might be underating the D line of scrimage.


Underating!? If you have read my posts and I know you have it's always been my opinion that the foundation of the team lies in the O and d lines.


And if you wanted to use an example of how crappy the DT's where site the Carolina playoff game where it seemed that they run up the middle on third and longs for firsts.


This is the same BS as last year with these clowns. The DT position was an issue last year. And yes it's an issue this year. That being said by using variatyions of the 3-4 which seems to be the thought here drafting another DE and picking up Arrington looks like a good possiblity. IF we don't see this then the coaching staff may have a better idea on how the DT pick ups will play.


Comming into last years season I had the same concerns and the DT's proved functional. Camp has not started yet, you don;t know whos gonna become avaliable and who is gonna step up, and who is gonna suck.

Remember the coaches where high on Robbins last year and kept Joesph on the bronze team for a good part of camp. The guy started most of the year.


Many draft reviews that I have read has killed NY for getting Kiwanuka, but give credit to the third and fourth round picks. Basicaly IMO the draft order means shit...So to predicate the season on how the DTs will play is bullshit speculation. Game plan, a better offense, other team injs ect ect will come into play as we move forward with camp.


Also take into consideration that your right about the not so good DT play and before the INJ's to the LB's, and LB's position shuffle, our defense was doing well.


And dispite DB breakdowns at bad times NY the defesne still finsihed the year giving up 32 TD's 10 running and 20 passing...


with puts them in the middle of the pack. The thinking the the departure of Clancy is gonna change the face of the defense is silly.

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i agree...


although the middle of our D-Line can be and continue to be our soft spot...i do agree that we will see more and more variations of the 3-4 this season and probably less and less of the traditional 4 down linemen just based on the fact that our personel's strength happens to be 250lb.-270lb. athletic bodies, as opposed to the 300lb.+ imobile traditional tackles...


could be a sign for things to come in the NFL, or could be a sour spot for our defense in 2006...seems to have worked well last season, sprinkling in Tuck in leui of fat-body Joseph...


and yes, the team does ride on the succession or degression of Eli's game...you can surround him with all kinds of talent (as they have), but it wont mean a thing if he doesnt improve his game...


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I've never seen a pile off dog shit amount into anything of value.........or maybe your onto something and may become a new fossil fuel and help our gas problem.....I mean before I take a dump I usually have gas....



Yeah but Cow shit makes Shrooms :TU:

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