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Steal of the First Round


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Hate what I'm reading.


The Jets lucked out with getting Leonard Williams (arguably the best player in the draft), but drafting 6 overall, it's not so much a "steal" as it was falling into good luck


Some say the Broncos for moving up to get Ray...but they gave up too much IMO (this years 5th and next year's as well) to move up so it was not a steal, but more of a bending over to snag a good player. Gave up too much.



So here's who the "experts" are saying got the steal of the draft: New England Patriots who took defensive tackle Malcom Brown with the 32nd pick. Brown was oft cited as being taken in the top 10 and at worst, the top 15.


That pisses me off. After the whole deflated footballs crap and the commissioner waiting til after the draft to look further into it and imposing a penalty (potentially, losing their 1st round pick), they end up with one of the top players in the draft.


Oh how I hate Belichick, the cheating smug bastard!

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Meh, I wouldn't take what they say into account. I saw Brown as more of a back half of the first round/early second, too. Same guys also said the Giants reached for Flowers and I don't agree.


For me the steal of the draft is POTENTIALLY at #13 with the Saints getting Peat. Because with as young as he is, I think this guy has Orlando Pace upside as a LT in the NFL. The sky is the limit, talking potential Hall of Famer at his position.


We took Flowers because he's a sure thing. But Peat is a great gamble.

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