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Some Cool Rookie/FA-Mini Camp photo's...

Guest Floyd The Barber

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Guest Floyd The Barber

i wonder it Huf. will NOT implement a Moss Screen in this years playbook...much like he basically has all but forgotten the Shockey Screen during the Fassel years...

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with all the potential weapons the giants have

there is no reason not to scare opposing

D's with the element of surprise.


but one thing is always there and has been

from the start and that is execution !


teams made out of paper mean nothing (redskins, dallas and yes the giants)

unless you take care of the fundementals.


when you score 26 points on average thats

plenty of points if your D is a little better than

average. In fact you can go along way with that

combo. Lets hope the D can rise to the occassion.


If so it will be a very competitve season and as

a fan of many years thats all I hope for!



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